BCPH Public Health Leadership Institute

Location: University of California, Los Angeles, CA
Date: December 16-17, 2023

Registration is now open for the Boston Congress of Public Health Public Health Leadership Institute set for December 16-17, 2023, at UCLA, in Los Angeles, CA!

Don’t miss your chance to supercharge your applications or spend down your end-of-the-year training funds with this matchless forum featuring courses on public health, clinical medicine, and social justice.  

We expect to sell out soon – sign up by December 1, 2023 to reserve your spot! 

How Do I Register?


  • In-person: $500 per person
  • Virtual: $350 per person

Registrants will have access to meeting content after the training for one month through the BCPH Academy.

What Can I Expect?

Participants will tap into our INCLUSIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT, including:

  • High School students
  • Undergraduate students (regardless of intended major)
  • Post-baccalaureate students
  • Students applying to and enrolled in clinical degree programs (medical, dental, psychiatric, social work, nursing, physical therapy programs, etc.)
  • Community members interested in augmenting their public health knowledge.

What Benefits and Amenities Are Included?

BCPH Leadership Institute participants will receive:

  • A Certificate of Achievement in Public Health
  • A Certificate of Achievement in Academic Journalism
  • Networking with similarly driven peers
  • Post-event access to live sessions

Online versions of popular BCPH Institute courses are now being released to the public, including: 

Metaversing Healthcare in the 21st Century
Course Instructor:
Dr. Candice Carpenter
Electrifying Your Career as an Academic Reviewer and Editor
Course Instructor:
Dr. Circe Gray Le Compte
Emotionally Intelligent Communication
Course Instructor:
Dr. Robert Carpenter

With HPHR Supplements, You Can Publicize Your Findings in Weeks!

Organizations and studies are invited to submit supplements with HPHR.

Supplements are special collections of manuscripts, including research articles, op-eds, policy papers, notes from the field, and other pieces, related to a research study, intervention, and/or program.

While HPHR’s supplements are similar to those produced by other academic journals, ours offer several unique features:

📚 A dedicated editorial liaison, backed by a highly skilled editorial team, to field questions about the process and facilitate timely publication.

📚 Publication in less than 4 months with successful completion of the peer-review process.

📚 Expedited peer review featuring suggestions addressing high-level improvement of logical flow, clarity/coherence, and reader comprehension. Templates provided to support manuscript development.

📚 Support manuscript finalization, including light copy-editing, layout, and formatting.

📚 Official publication on the Journal’s website in a dedicated, high-profile space with a dedicated DOI for the supplement itself and each individual manuscript.

📚 Promotion through the Journal’s e-newsletter and on the home page with an option to place social media (created by authors) on HPHR’s Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.

📚 Opportunity to host a live webinar and/or video promoting their supplement, links to which will be posted on HPHR’s social media channels, including their YouTube account.

HPHR’s editorial charges are lower than other journals; dictated by the number of articles published:

📚 5 manuscripts: $15,000 per supplement

📚 6-10 manuscripts: $20,000 per supplement

📚 11-15 manuscripts: $25,000 pieces may be published per supplement.

Interested organizations should complete this submission form.

HPHR's Expedite Campaign Will Return in Spring 2024!

Thank you to everyone who participated in HPHR’s Expedite Program. We are still accepting manuscripts, which will reviewed on a normal timeline, with publication occurring in 6-8 weeks with successful completion of the peer-review process. 

Please be sure to use our templates and follow all manuscript preparation requirements. Otherwise, your piece will be desk rejected. 

📕 Use our templates and follow all submission guidelines. Not doing so will result in desk rejection.”

📈 Article processing/publication charges are due upon acceptance
. Costs are as follows:
     – $250 per article/poster
     – $100 for single blog post (including 1 image or table)

💻 No fee waivers are available.

🏛 All articles and blogs are assigned a DOI at publication.

Coming Soon: BCPHR

🔜 As part of HPHR‘s efforts to build its infrastructure and place in the academic publishing arena, we will be updating HPHR’s name to the
     Boston Congress of Public Health Review (BCPHR) in 2024. Same mission, new name! 


We wanted to send out a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the filming of The Great Health Debates: Season 3 (GHD) this past week at New York University. We also want to congratulate Fatou Barry for her stellar performance as host.

If you missed watching the Debates, click the button below to watch recordings of the livestreams on our YouTube channel (YouTube.com/@BCPHStudio). Visit soon though – we will be taking down the links soon as we incorporate the debates into the curriculum of the forthcoming BCPH Academy.

Also, we’re asking everyone to follow us on YouTubewhich helps us build you better content.  

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BCPH crystalizes its mission and vision through three activity centers: BCPH Studio, BCPH Advocacy, and BCPH Academy: 

BCPH Studio

Translates public health information for diverse audiences through the production and publication of blogs, vlogs, podcasts, TV series, and academic journals,
including HPHR Journal.

BCPH Academy

Developing intersectional social justice technical assistance and trainings, such as webinars, certificate programs, and Fellowships, to support underrepresented voices and populations in public health.

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