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Potentially Publish in 2 Weeks with HPHR's Expedite Campaign!

Are you a passionate public health researcher, dedicated to improving the well-being of individuals and communities around the globe? Have you made groundbreaking discoveries that demand immediate recognition and dissemination to make a real-world impact? Look no further! HPHR Journal invites you to be part of an extraordinary journey through our highly anticipated Expedite Campaign!

Unleashing the Power of Expedite Campaign
In our unwavering commitment to driving positive change, HPHR presents the innovative Expedite Campaign – an unparalleled opportunity for visionary researchers like you to fast-track your pioneering work to publication. Through this campaign, we aim to accelerate the dissemination of transformative research, making a tangible difference in the health and well-being of communities.

What the Campaign Offers
☑️ Enhanced Visibility: Expedited articles will be prominently highlighted and featured, drawing heightened attention to your exceptional work. 

☑️ Unparalleled Reach: With our extensive readership and online accessibility, your findings will have a far-reaching impact on the scientific community.

☑️ Global Impact: Benefit from the widespread readership of HPHR, reaching policymakers, health professionals, and researchers across the globe, amplifying the influence of your research. All articles are assigned a DOI at publication.

☑️ Collaboration and Networking: Connect with like-minded researchers, share insights, and foster collaborations, catalyzing a culture of innovation and progress. 

How to Submit Your Article
To submit your article, please click here or the button below: 

☑️ Emailed submissions are NOT accepted.

☑️ Primary authors may submit up to five (5) articles under this initiative. 

☑️ Please use our templates and follow all submission guidelines. Not doing so will result in desk rejection. 

☑️ Submissions are FREE until the end of September, and article process charges (APC) are just $250—far below that of other academic journals. This fee CANNOT be waived. 

Dates for submission and potential publication are listed below: 

Submission Timeline


We wanted to send out a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the filming of The Great Health Debates: Season 3 (GHD) this past week at New York University. We also want to congratulate Fatou Barry for her stellar performance as host.

If you missed watching the Debates, click the button below to watch recordings of the livestreams on our YouTube channel (YouTube.com/@BCPHStudio). Visit soon though – we will be taking down the links soon as we incorporate the debates into the curriculum of the forthcoming BCPH Academy.

Also, we’re asking everyone to follow us on YouTubewhich helps us build you better content.  

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BCPH crystalizes its mission and vision through three activity centers: BCPH Studio, BCPH Advocacy, and BCPH Academy: 

BCPH Studio

Translates public health information for diverse audiences through the production and publication of blogs, vlogs, podcasts, TV series, and academic journals,
including HPHR Journal.

BCPH Academy

Developing intersectional social justice technical assistance and trainings, such as webinars, certificate programs, and Fellowships, to support underrepresented voices and populations in public health.

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