Jessica Honig, LCSW EdM

Country of origin: United States

Jessica (she/her, they/them) is a psychotherapist and writer in the Philadelphia area. Her work engages in evidence based, playful angles toward anxiety relief and complex trauma healing at the micro, mesa, and macro scope (true to her systemic care roots in social work).

BCPH provides a wealth of collegial energy, collaborative opportunity, and quality-standards mentorship in both public health service delivery and research. These elements were otherwise lacking, for years, for me - after leaving my studies at Harvard and settling into rural healthcare in the United States.

Jackie Leung, JD MS

Country of origin: United States

Jackie (she/her, they/them) is the Executive Director of the state-wide non-profit, the Micronesian Islander Community (MIC), and is an Assistant Professor at Linfield University. Jackie’s background is in public health advocacy, policy, and research. Her work includes working in perinatal healthcare, Medicaid, early childhood education, healthcare access, chronic diseases, COVID-19 wrap-around services, and leadership pathways for community health workers. She serves in several leadership positions, including co-chairing the Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs and a traditional health worker representative on the Oregon Maternal Mortality & Morbidity Committee.

I appreciate the opportunity to be engaged with other public health thought leaders and develop innovative ideas on how to continue to build a culture of health. My membership in BCPH has resulted in trainings, fellowships, and leadership development. I encourage you to explore what membership looks like in BCPH!

Arens Jean Ricardo Médéus, MD/DO

Country of origin: Haiti

As a medical doctor who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the State University of Haiti (FMP/UEH), Arens’ (he/ him) interests lie in the fields of surgery, epidemiology of infectious diseases, and public health.

As someone interested in public health but without formal education in the field, becoming a member of BCPH has been a game-changer for me. Through their events and webinars, I've been able to learn from experts in the industry and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices. The supportive community have also been invaluable resources for me as I explore career options in public health. I highly recommend BCPH to anyone looking to grow their knowledge and network in the field.

Benish Mehboob, MBBS MSc MPH

Country of origin: Pakistan

Beenish works for the non-profit organization, NARA Northwest (Native American Rehabilitation Association Northwest), as an evaluation specialist. She is experienced in data analysis, program evaluation, disease outbreak investigation and response, public health research, data interpretation, policy development, and managing local and global partnerships with both academic and non-governmental and governmental organizations.  

Being a woman of color myself, I support all underserved minorities including indigenous and Native Americans. Being a part of BCPH has helped me grow professionally; I attended the live virtual conference with participants from all over the world by BCPH. I am follower of BCPH's social media accounts and found valuable inputs from other health professionals. I found this platform very helpful to keep me updated and promoting health equity.