BCPH Health innovators to watch 2023 title

Honorees selected for the Health Innovators to Watch Awards come from across the globe, representing health and healthcare innovation in traditional public health fields, research, academia, architecture, and more. In addition, innovators are intentionally diverse in backgrounds, from public health founders and co-founders, inventors, national and international leaders, directors, researchers, academicians, and curriculum developers. As a whole, your cohort originally hails from 7 different countries from across the world and has collectively accomplished the following:

⊛ Provide high-quality, low cost health-care construction facilities in low and middle income countries
⊛ Design life-saving medical technologies, such as intraoperative autotransfusion devices, for resource-constrained environments
⊛ Improve access to maternal and child care in rural communities in Africa
⊛ Devise comprehensive, health literacy guides supporting the multifaceted health of individuals with cognitive impairments and intellectual disabilities
⊛ Engage in cutting-edge research and evidence-based interventions to assist women recently released from incarceration and Black Women in community corrections
⊛ Provide humanitarian assistance and women hygiene products to individuals in Afghanistan, refugees from Rohingya, and others devastated by different disasters
⊛ Drive national campaigns and policy-making sessions to improve Black Maternal Mortality in the United States
⊛ Devise sustainable toilets and other waste management procedures in vulnerable, Nepalese countries
⊛ Create apps to monitor areas of violence, discrimination, and safe spaces for sexual and gender minorities in Brazil
⊛ Secured more than $60 million in the support of expansive child health services
⊛ Developed critical workbooks on microaggressions and discrimination in order to pursue racial justice in clinical contexts
⊛ Helped innovate novel solutions – oxygen nanobubbles – to improve oxygen delivery to patients with chronic respiratory diseases

Meet the 2023 Innovators to Watch