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Institute Attendees Can Gain an Additional Edge as BCPH Research Scholars!

The Boston Congress of Public Health (BCPH) Research Scholar program offers a remarkable opportunity for aspiring physicians, public health professionals, nurses, dentists, and pharmacists to significantly enhance their research, writing, and publication skills. 

Participants in this prestigious program are given the unique chance to research, write, and publish between one to three manuscripts and/or academic posters in the esteemed HPHR Journal, a platform that showcases high-quality research and thought leadership in the field of public health. See

Eligibility for the BCPH Research Scholar program is notably rigorous, ensuring that only highly motivated and capable individuals are selected:

  • Acceptance to and attendance of the Public Health Leadership Institute

  • Submission of exceptional writing samples

  • Letter of intent to apply to college and major in pre-med/nursing/health/public health, medical school or health school, or a public health graduate degree OR

  • Evidence of transcript in medical school or health school

Benefits of the BCPH Research Scholars Program

The benefits of being a BCPH Research Scholar are manifold:

  • Work closely with experts in the public health field.


  • Receive invaluable mentorship and training.


  • Enhance your research capabilities. 


  • Publish anywhere from 1-3 indexed manuscripts and/or academic posters on HPHR Journal ( 


  • Gain a HUGE competitive advantage over the competition for applying to medical school, public health school, and/or residency.