Dr. Roshan Khatri

Executive Director
Headwaters Relief Organization

Doctoral Student
Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Roshan Khatri

Hazards are natural and inevitable while disasters can and therefore should be prevented.

Dr. Roshan Khatri is the Executive Director of Headwaters Relief Organization, a nonprofit organization responding to disasters globally. Dr. Khatri has a passion for shaping innovative health interventions, examples of this include creating programs during the Covid-19 pandemic, advocating for refugees, providing education for young girls and protecting women against trafficking.

Dr. Roshan Khatri is also an author of award-winning children’s book challenging the existing attitude of ostracizing victims of trafficking. In his role as a physician, Dr. Khatri has exhibited leadership in numerous limited resource settings around the world including Haiti, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, as well as in the refugee camps of Jordan and Greece and most recently in regions affected by the war in Ukraine.

His distinguished career in medicine has included serving as a medical superintendent for the Ministry of Health in Jiri Hospital, Nepal, often referred as “the gateway to Everest”. There Dr. Khatri created partnerships to advance both medical and civic causes. He developed multiple programs to serve the community including monthly outreach clinics, mobile health services, tertiary clinics, and school health camps. He worked to enhance hospital services by creating training programs for international students and as well as a nurse midwife program.

After Nepal’s devastating earthquake of 2015, he worked directly with national and international non-governmental organizations to obtain much needed resources for treating the injured, re-building the hospital while providing hospital services in tents. He also served as assistant editor of the Journal of the Nepal Medical Association and as a peer reviewer of the International Medical Student Journal.

Dr. Khatri is enrolled in a doctoral program in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University. A Fulbright Scholar, he has a master’s degree in public health in Leadership, Policy, and Management in Global Health from the University of Washington, Seattle. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic Dr. Khatri spearheaded a series of community efforts and volunteer opportunities including a Phone pal program-to support people who are elderly and confined to their homes, a mask sewing program and an initiative to connect educators to parents struggling during homeschooling.

He created a children’s coloring book about COVID-19. This book was translated in Spanish, updated following emerging scientific guidelines and reached 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands as well as nine other countries. In mid-2021 during the massive surge of Delta Variant which resulted in catastrophic numbers of cases and fatalities in Nepal, Dr. Khatri went back to Nepal to volunteer his time and skills. He helped hospitals and clinics in organizing Covid specialty clinics, support the creation of isolation centers and worked on improving access to oxygen cylinders for at home care during the height of the crisis. Dr. Khatri believes nature is his best teacher and he is always a student. In his spare time, he enjoys being in the outdoors, often barefoot in the grass, lost on the trails in the woods with his dog or in or on the water riding the waves.


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