Sagun Paudel​

Founder, Public Health Update

President, Public Health Youth Society of Nepal


Sagun Paudel, MPH graduate, highly motivated, and resourceful youth with progressive professional experiences in the public health sector in Nepal. He is a renowned public health blogger in Nepal, he is the founder of Public Health Update which is a popular public health portal in Nepal. It was initiated in 2011 as Sagun’s Blog aims to share public health updates, information & opportunities for public health professionals all around the world. Thousands of health professionals have trusted Public Health Update as the right website to find the latest public health opportunities, information & resources for health updates in Nepal. He is a social media activist focused on public health and well-being issues in Nepal. He has extensive experience in planning, managing, and implementing public health interventions in Government, NGOs, INGOs, and Intra-governmental organizations in Nepal. Besides his regular job, he is actively engaging in professional activities via the Nepal Public Health Association and Public Health Youth Society of Nepal to promote health and wellbeing in Nepal. Collecting best practices, compiling evidence, informing people, advocating for public health, promoting health, and mobilizing social media to disseminate health information are major activities he used to engage in regularly. Interested in Health systems, Implementation Research, and Social innovation in public health. He is committed to providing a significant technical contribution to improving people’s health in Nepal.

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Sagun Paudel

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