Ashley Mayfaire
Co-Founder & Director of Operations of TransSOCIAL, Inc.

Ashley Mayfaire
Ashley Mayfaire’s passion for community organizing and social justice issues has led to their current role in non-profit management and public health advocacy for the TLGBQ+ community. After experiencing firsthand the barriers that their husband, Morgan, faced during his gender transition from female to male, Ashley and Morgan co-founded TransSOCIAL, Inc. to build a network of resources and support for the Trans community. Ashley frequently speaks on educational panels and is always creating new curriculum for TransSOCIAL’s TLGBQ+ Cultural Competency Training for healthcare providers, businesses and universities, making sure that they are compliant with federal non-discrimination guidelines and creating more safe and affirming spaces for Trans people to access care and public accommodations. They utilize their platform to educate and engage the community in HIV prevention and treatment efforts through their participation in the South Florida AIDS Network as ARCH Broward Committee Chair, and have consulted for multiple research projects and reports on HIV in the Trans community. They also serve on the Board of Pride Fort Lauderdale, spearheading the creation of South Florida’s first Trans Pride celebration in 2018. An alumna of Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Ashley spends their free time creating art and tending to their furry and feathered children.
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“E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G—is connected. The soil needs rain, organic matter, air, worms and life in order to do what it needs to do to give and receive life. Each element is an essential component. “Organizing takes humility and selflessness and patience and rhythm while our ultimate goal of liberation will take many expert components. Some of us build and fight for land, healthy bodies, healthy relationships, clean air, water, homes, safety, dignity, and humanizing education. Others of us fight for food and political prisoners and abolition and environmental justice. Our work is intersectional and multifaceted. Nature teaches us that our work has to be nuanced and steadfast. And more than anything, that we need each other—at our highest natural glory—in order to get free.”





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