Shirley Edokpa

Shirley Edokpa

Founder & CEO, Shirley Ehi Foundation

CDC, Deputy Director, Infectious Diseases, Division of Global Migration & Quarantine

NCEZIQ Public Health Advisor (Ebola Surge Operations, COVID-19 & Rabies Import Permit)

Shirley Edokpa is a passionate advocate for public service, with a diverse background in Economics, Gender, Leadership, Public policy, and Public Health. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Lagos State University and pursued a graduate program in Gender, Leadership, and Public Policy at the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies. She attended the School of Security and Global Studies at American Military University, American Public University Systems to further her education for her Master’s degree in Public Administration, Health Policy Concentration. She also earned an Executive Certification in Health Care Project Management from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. 

With a deep-rooted commitment to serving others, she has made significant contributions to various organizations and government agencies. Her journey in public service began as the Lead Program Manager, Service to the Armed Forces at the American Red Cross, where she worked closely with Government Operations gaining valuable insights into the intricacies of public administration, the VA healthcare facilities, and military hospitals VAVS, to provide vital support to service members and their families.

Seeking further opportunities to make a difference, She transitioned to the government sector, serving in esteemed positions such as the Massachusetts State House, Executive Office of the State Treasurer and Receiver General of Massachusetts. Her roles encompassed Administrative and legislative duties.

She joined the Executive office of Labor and Workforce Development, The Department of Unemployment Assistance in Massachusetts as an Adjudicator, handling critical cases and ensuring fair and efficient processing of unemployment claims to assist the unemployed and displaced due to the global pandemic.

Driven by her desire to impact public health on a broader scale, She shifted her focus to the epidemiological side of the field in the pivotal year of 2020 and marked a turning point in her career as she stepped into the challenging realm of public health deployments. In response to the COVID-19 and Ebola pandemics, she served in various Health and Human Services Departments as a Public Health Advisor for various organizations including the CTC, CDC Foundation, and CDC. In these roles, she demonstrated unwavering dedication, working tirelessly to combat the spread of infectious diseases and safeguard her community. She played an instrumental role in implementing effective tracing strategies, upon which she was awarded a certificate of completion and appreciation in 2023, by the CDC.

With a profound understanding that her community is her greatest asset, She poured her heart and soul into intentionally saving lives, protecting public health, and fostering resilience. She embraced her role as a leader and became a catalyst for positive change, drawing upon her academic background, professional experiences, and unwavering passion for public service.

Today, she continues to champion the principles of public administration, public health, and community engagement. She remains committed to making a lasting impact on society, inspiring others through her dedication, and working towards a future where public service is synonymous with empowerment, equity, and well-being.



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