Allen Omeiza

Kala Allen Omeiza
Member, BCPH Board of Directors

Kala Allen Omeiza is an avid writer and leader of a mental health nonprofit I’m Heard. She is the author of novels about neurodiversity and autism awareness including Afrotistic (2022) and The Worst Saturday Ever (2023) as well as an upcoming nonfiction book Autistic and Black (2024).

As a former mental health researcher, Kala has worked on various research projects on mental health and neurodiverse conditions at Harvard, Duke, Harvard Medical School, and as a US Fulbright scholar in Nigeria. Before pivoting to storytelling, Kala has utilized her research experience in various domains including entrepreneurship as South Park Commons’ first Black female founder fellow, as well as a lead researcher and fundraiser at a VC-funded company working in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Kala is a graduate of Miami University and a MSc graduate of the University of Oxford in the UK.