BCPH Advocacy and Policy

BCPH Advocacy educates emerging and established leaders, advocates, students, and others on how to turn public health thought and data into action at the international and domestic levels, supporting justice and equity.

BCPH Policy Advocacy Areas

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Grand Rounds

Live case study sessions addressing public health research/practice on specific topics. Sessions to feature:

- Clear learning objectives;
- Live feedback;
- Knowledge generation and translation; - Resource and best practices sharing; and
- Evaluation of participate knowledge gain/satisfaction

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Lectures and panels featuring Q/A, generally on a single topic. These will be recorded in advance or during a live event to facilitate ongoing access. Sessions will feature:

- Clear learning objectives;
- Evaluation of participant knowledge gain/satisfaction; and
- CMEs/CEs (coming soon) for nurses, doctors, and public health professionals.

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs feature a series of pre-recorded modules covering one topic in depth, from multiple angles.

- Clear learning objectives;
- Evaluation of participant knowledge gain/satisfaction;
- Certificate for all who complete the program; and
- CMEs/CEs (coming soon) for medical and public health professionals and others.

Symposia and Conferences

These half and full day events will feature live webinars (panels/lectures) with Q/A. Additional programming, including pre-sympoisum and conference meetings, as well as: 

- Expositions;
- Poster sessions;
- Networking sessions; and
- Affinity group sessions and more will be offered.


We are looking for persons with lived, academic, and professional experience to serve as BCPH faculty members. Why join us as a faculty member?  

  • Build your thought leadership and reputation
  • Leverage BCPH to build your teaching portfolio OR repurpose lectures/talks/books to a wider audience
  • Receive payment for your courses based on enrollment
  • Build or repurpose your content portfolio
  • Build your teaching expertise
  • Accelerate your career within traditional academia or beyond 

We currently are seeking the following courses:

  • Grand Rounds: Case studies in public health
  • Webinars: Social determinants of health 
  • Certificate Programs: “Introduction to Social Determinants of Health,” and  “Introduction to COVID-19″

We are seeking applicants with d
emonstrated expertise in the above subject areas based on their lived and teaching experience, credentials, etc. Relevance is determined on case-by-case basis. Click below to apply.

NOTE: All faculty will undergo a trial period before becoming full faculty. Full faculty will earn 30% royalty from each training, in perpetuity; however, BCPH cannot guarantee uptake, only promotion. All training materials subject to review and approval by BCPH and publicized at will of BCPH.

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