Job Description: BCPH Lyon Speakers Bureau Manager

If you are looking for significant leadership and fulfillment in launching a serious and critical initiative for the public health and social justice speaker bureau, than this is for you! 

Job activities include: 

  • Recruit, sustain, and engage with 100+ speakers on the speaker’s bureau who are experts in a diversity of public health, social justice, and diversity/equity.inclusion fields

  • Review speaker applications

  • Ensure BCPH membership fees, application fees are submitted

  • Review speaker background checks

  • Send out speaker applications to the independent review panel

  • Coordinate independent panel meetings throughout the semester

  • Provide semi-final list of speakers to Co-CEOs, as recommended by the independent panel

  • Provide ongoing support to speakers, assist in arrangement of travel if necessary

  • Provide ongoing support to organizations, assist in connection between speakers and organizations

Send a letter of interest and a CV to [email protected].