Director, BCPH Academy, Matthew Dwumah-Agyen, Director, BCPH Academy

Matthew Dwumah-Agyen
Co-Director of Education, BCPH Education and Academy

Matthew Dwumah-Agyen, is a budding public health leader pursuing a master’s degree in Public Health in Global Health as a Harvard Presidential scholar. Before committing to a career in Public Health, Matthew served as an Emergency Medicine doctor in a 1000-bed capacity teaching hospital where he witnessed first-hand, the detrimental and perpetual cycle between health and social disparities beyond the hospital environment. He is passionate and interested in giving a voice to the diverse marginalized and underserved population via accurate health education to bridge the gap in health disparities. He anticipates with pleasing expectation the task as Director of Education with all its stresses and fun, to work with and learn from experts in the field to make an impact.