Job Description: HPHR Fellowship Manager

We are seeking a qualified candidate to facilitate the HPHR Fellowship Program. Participants will be responsible for the following:
  • Organize candidate applications and set up initial interviews
  • Help review and select candidates for the program
  • Manage training and networking schedule, planning events, inviting speakers, and coordinating Fellow schedules
  • Update Fellow submission guidelines
  • Set up submission schedule for Fellows
  • Ensure that Fellows submit all materials on time
  • Help review materials and ensure it meets all requirements
  • Ensure that materials appear on the website properly
  • Ensure that materials are promoted on all social media channels with appropriate artwork.

This is an incredible opportunity to build professional skills for persons who have newly entered the workforce. It can be incorporated into a internship and/or practicum experience for students.

To apply, submit a letter of interest and your CV to [email protected].