The International Society for Chronic Illnesses is an effort to unite health care workers from all over the world to improve the quality of life of people with chronic conditions.

To enable people with chronic conditions to focus on their aspirations instead of their illness.

To alleviate the morbidity associated with chronic illnesses through observation, analysis, implementation, and follow-up.


  • PRMP
    The Peer Research Mentorship Program (PRMP) was started with the goal of providing mentorship to new researchers who aren’t able to find a guide. The mentors will see through the entire research from the formation of research question to publication in a journal of good standing. Projects ranging from meta-analyses and systematic reviews to observational studies and short communications are conducted in the program.
    Trainee-led Research Collaborative for Chronic Illnesses is ISCI’s endeavor to produce high-impact research through sharing of workload and exchanging ideas and skills among health care workers and trainees.
  • UM4CI
    Unconventional Methods for Chronic Illnesses (UM4CI) focuses on patient education and advocacy for alternative methods in medicine to enable self-care and home-management in patients with chronic conditions. Through this program, we aim to shift the current trends in chronic illness management towards a patient – centered holistic care

The International Society for Chronic Illnesses was started in June 2021 in two nations, with about 60 members and one active program.

Over the last year, we are pleased to share with you that we have increased our reach to several nations across Asia, Africa, and North and South America with 850+ members and three active programs.

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