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The Malaysian Doctors for Women & Children is an academic forum made up of Malaysian doctors who are passionate about the scientific discourse of surrounding issues that impact women and children. How might an academic forum help with women’s and children’s issues, you may ask? We believe that it is important for doctors and healthcare professionals to understand the non-medical issues that may affect the decision-making of our patients, as health or illness do not occur in isolation from the many variables of a person’s life. Understanding these non-medical issues encourages us to view the patient as an individual with their own hopes and wishes, and by understanding these issues, we move towards a non-paternalistic doctor-patient relationship where collaboration is key and patient compliance and satisfaction are high.

There are many civil society organisations (CSO) that work for the rights of women and children in Malaysia. We believe that doctors and healthcare professionals are key persons in advancing women’s and children’s rights. We wish to encourage doctors and healthcare professionals to learn more about these non-medical issues and to work hand-in-hand with CSOs by providing evidence-based research, as well as to celebrate incredible Malaysian and Asian women who are at the forefront of women’s and children’s rights advocacy!


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