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Aspiring health equity and social justice advocates, vloggers, podcasters, and influencers: don’t sleep on your chance to build your communication platform with the BCPH Thought Fellowship for Public Health Fellowship!

Creating a platform that delivers real impact and positions you as a leader in your field involves more than publishing your ideas in an occasional blog post. It’s about broadcasting your message effectively in a world saturated with information and teeming with distractions!

The BCPH Thought Fellowship is designed to give you the skills needed to harness both commercial and social marketing strategies to build a powerful communications platform. Over the course of 4 months, you and your colleagues will learn how to:

🎤 Craft a distinctive brand and voice,
🎯 Pinpoint your target audience,
🎤 Strategize promotion and engagement, and
🧰 Explore tools and channels essential to disseminating ideas.

The fellowship places a strong focus on mastering contemporary mediums, notably podcasting and vlogging, and on strategically engaging your audience about your content.

Both emerging and established public health scholars and advocates are encouraged to apply! 


Fellows work with a mentor and fellowship leadership in developing their platform and content. The Fellowship starts with a series of dynamic weekly trainings tailored to the unique needs of interdisciplinary health communicators. Topics covered include:

Module 1: 🌟 Why Thought Leadership Matters in Public Health

Module 2: 💡 Content Development & 🎙 Podcasting

Module 3: 🛠 Technical Skills Building

Module 4: 📢 Promotions and Marketing

Module 5: 🌄 Scaling Your Thought Leadership Capacity

Module 6: ⏰ Time-Bomb Writing Course


In addition to an elevated library of skills, tools, and resources, Fellows benefit from:

🏆 Earning a certificate of completion and a transcript of your platform’s performance. Stand-out fellows will be invited to continue their influence as BCPH columnists.

🌍 Amplifying their work on premier, global platforms, including BCPH’s websites and socials.

📶 Engaging a dynamic network of peers focused on health innovation.

⚡ Making Your Mark: Your voice is powerful—let it echo across the globe.

Cullen Truett

Understanding terminology and strategy in the communications space helps me focus on how content can be distributed and read in a more effective manner. 

Kate Okorie

It was a great opportunity to think about my visual brandmark and how to use it to communicate my mission statement. I also got to learn about tools to keep tabs on my competitors.

Samuel Mendez

I liked that [the Fellowship] built on past weeks while challenging us to go a little further with creating a brand/theme for our platform. 

Apply today

Act Now: Apply by February 15, 2024 and be part of our esteemed fourth cohort.


Send all inquiries to [email protected]