Fellowship 2024
Buffy Jamison, MA (Fae/Fem/Faers)

Buffy Jamison, MA (Fae/Fem/Faers)
Educator, Trainer, Consultant

Buffy is an educator with a fierce passion for grassroots movement building to advance social equity. Fae graduated with faer Master’s in Higher Education from the University of Denver (DU). Faer concentration in the program was Diversity in Higher Education, reflecting faer desire to support marginalized communities in their educational endeavors. Buffy is also dedicated to educating the general public about members of marginalized communities who are often left out of vitally important aspects of the community at large.

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The mission of the Boston Congress of Public Health Thought Leadership for Public Health Fellowship (BCPH Fellowship) seeks to: 

  • Incubate the next generation of thought leaders in public health;
  • Advance collective impact for health equity through public health advocacy; and
  • Diversify, democratize, and broaden evidence-based public health dialogue and expression.

It is guided by an overall vision to provide a platform, training, and support network for the next generation of public health thought leaders and public scholars to explore and grow their voice.