Fellowship 2024
Sean Jones (He/Him/His)

Sean Jones (He/Him/His)
MD/MBA Candidate

Sean Jones is an ambitious medical student at Wayne State University School of Medicine, with an anticipated MD and MBA in Computer Science/Information Systems Management & Architecture by June 2024. His academic journey is complemented by specialized training in machine learning from Stanford University and fellowship involvement with Michigan Leadership in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (MI-LEND) and the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship. Sean has contributed significantly to the field through diverse roles, including a disability consultant for AUCD HRSA Telehealth, research in cardiovascular studies, and leadership in various community service projects focused on health and disability advocacy.

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The mission of the Boston Congress of Public Health Thought Leadership for Public Health Fellowship (BCPH Fellowship) seeks to: 

  • Incubate the next generation of thought leaders in public health;
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